Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Bokeh here...mom and dad were SO mean to me. They took me to Mutts & Co (which I normally love going to) but they let this lady take me back and put me on this scary table and she cut off my nails. Can you believe the horror?

Dad, I thought you were my buddy, my pal?


Please don't let her do this to me, I will be good, I promise




They ended up making up for it and bought us TEN bully sticks. They had them on sale for a buck, can you believe it? They ran out of bully sticks. haha


  1. Oh no, thats horrible. I hate it when they do that stuffs to us!!


  2. bokeh,

    that is so not cool!! nail trimmin' is the ickiest!! i'm glad you made it through a-okay, and i hope you are eatin' a HOOGE bully stick now to make up for it! i'm so glad you are feelin' better, too!!

    the booker man

  3. That's just not fair Bokeh - you've been sick and everything and no way should you have been force to get your nails done! :)

  4. Hey Bokeh, I love having mine clipped...I can go for you next time!

  5. You look so sad and dejected. Bet the bully sticks helped, that was a killer sale!

  6. Bokeh, we totally understand. Holly has to go get a B A T H (spelled out of course) on Thursday and she is going to really be upset! Tell them to get more bully sticks for you!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  7. Bokeh, if it makes you feel any better us cats have to have our nails clipped too. We don't love it but we do have to put up with it. So we can totally sympathize on this one!

  8. We get our nails clipped by the vet tech or when we get a full grooming. We hear that may be happening soon, since we are all blowing our coats big time.

    We don't get to have bully sticks - lucky you - did you buy all they had?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Oh, dear. That doesn't look fun at ALL. Mom usually cuts mine but she gives me about a million treats so I'll forget abouts that terrible "snip, snip" sound.

    And TEN bully sticks? Did you get all of them or did you share some with your mom and dad, too?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. AIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE SAGIRA... that is terrible. BUTT at least you got a GRRRREAT BUY on those delicious Bully Sticks!!!

    Hey did you see that "Sprinkles'" Dad is much worse. THIS does NOT look good fur him. I was so sad to hear about it.

    PeeS... I got to go "SHOPPING" TODAY... I'm just sayin... BUTT N O T tellin!!! hehe

  11. Hmm. I"ve never had a bully stick, but I have had my nails done. I ... I kind of enjoy it.

  12. I'm lukhky that my walks take khare of MOST of my nails - sometimes the dew khlaw needs to be nipped a bit!




  13. We can never understand the humans! They can be mean and kind at different times.

    Enjoy your bully sticks, you deserve them.

  14. Oh-oh!
    Certainly you don't look very happy, Bokeh!
    I don't want to tell you this... but sure it will be better for you to get used to that!
    Glad you got bully sticks!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Oh boy! Bokeh, I feel for you, buddy I HATES getting mine clipped too... used to be a time when Ma and Da had to muzzle me and needed 3 people to do it. one to clip and 2 to hold my front and back end! Now, I kinda let my "uncle Joey" at Da's work do it, but I still snarl at him. He's always afraid I'm gonna bite him,BOL I wouldn't do that!!
    Blue, on the other paw didnt mind a bit. He'd lay down and let Ma and Da do it at the same time... double teamed him!
    And now Haze... he'sa real weirdo... HE LOVES IT. He gets them dremmeled... kinda' a bit too "dandy" for me BOL but hey, it works... he doesn't click at all on the floors!

    I'm glad you gots some bully stix... those are PAWESOME treats! And only a buck? WOW!



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