Monday, June 28, 2010

Meeting Ricky

This weekend at the trial I got to meet one of my blog pals, Ricky. A funny story comes with this meeting. So I never met Ricky or his mom in person, have only seen videos and photos on the blog. My mom went up to this lady who kind of looked like Ricky's mom and had a sheltie that looked like Ricky, only a bit bigger. She said are you Ricky's mom and the lady shook her head yes. Mom introduced herself and dad to the lady and told them that I was over there and pointed over to me in my crate getting rest before my run. Mom told her it was nice to meet her and said maybe later we can go out and get a photo for our blogs and the lady said okay.

So...we all go out to get some lunch, come back and mom and I are still sitting in the AC trying to cool off a bit and dad points to this other lady with a sheltie. Mom waves and is like okay. So then she decides to get out and the lady says this is Ricky. Mom must have given Ricky's mom the strangest look because in her mind she already met Ricky and his mom, but this wasn't her. Come to find out, mom went up to a complete stranger and was babbling on and the "wrong Ricky" probably had NO idea what she was going on and on about. So mom went up to wrong Ricky's mom and apologized and told her she isn't completely crazy. The other lady laughed and said it was okay she enjoys meeting new people anyway. Her dog's name was like Rigby or something so it could have been confused in a loud venue. is still laughing about the mix up but was happy to meet the right Ricky. Him and his mom were very nice.

This is the right Ricky


Isn't he cute?


Me and Ricky



Relaxing in between runs, checking things out



  1. That's a good story! The pictues of you and Ricky are so beautiful! We knew you were beautiful but seeing the two of you! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  2. Hi Sagira! Those photos of you and me and the ones of me by myself are just awesome!!! Mom and I love them! Your dad is such a talented photographer!

    The story about your mom and dad walking up to some other lady and a "Ricky" is just so funny! We couldn't figure out what was wrong when we came over to introduce ourselves and you guys looked at us like we were crazy! LOL! Glad we got it all straightened out!

  3. Thanks for introducing us to your pal Ricky, he is one good looking woofie...just like you!

  4. That is a great story. I bet that lady is telling the story too.

  5. What a funny story! Glad you got to might the right blogger and Ricky in two look great together!

  6. Thanks for sharing the story, Sagira!
    Ricky sure is pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Hi Sagira!
    Thanks for sharing your friend with us!
    Great pictures of you two together!


  8. Funny story, Sagira - and you got to meet a new furiend in the process. Ricky is very beautiful - great pics of the two of you together.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. That is such a funny story Sagira! It sounds like something our mom would do! And it is neat that you got to meet the real Ricky - he is such a pretty boy!

  10. Haha! Oh, Sagira! Were you embarrassed? My mom would totally do something like that, too. But what's really funny is that the other lady-human played right along with your mom. Humans are just the silliest, aren't they?

    I'm glad you all had a good time! Ricky is Most Handsome!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. wow, LOL, that is too funny. I thought I was the only one who had mix ups like that!!! The "other" rickys mom probably just thought that the people at this trial were so very nice. Glad you got to meet the "right" Rickys mom! Kathy

  12. I'm sooooo furry glad woo got to meet!

    I always hoped woo would since woo both live in Columbus O HI O!

    Mom and I know from our email exchanges that Ricky and his mom are furry nice!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  13. miss sagira,
    heehee! that is a funny story. i'm glad you and your mama finally found the right ricky and his mama! :)
    the booker man

  14. Hi Sagira! We came over to visit from Ricky's blog, we think you're gorgeous and super talented :) Well done on what looks to be two really successful days over the weekend. We're from New Zealand and are wondering - why did the AKC not let mixed breeds compete in agility sooner? Are mixed breeds allowed to compete in obedience? It seems so silly to us that it's taken then so long to let mixed breed compete, but better late than never aye!
    Pepper & Emily

  15. Hi Sagira!! Wow, your Dad takes great pictures! I came over from Ricky's blog, the story is too funny!

    Wonderful that you guys finally got to meet!

  16. Ha roo roo roo! That sounds like something our mom would do!
    Love the pix of you and the right Ricky!
    Play bows,
    PS: This dream of Mom's (or Dave's...) was vague. But she was living in a huge house and you were in the house and Mom said, "I know this puppy! It's Sagira!" and she picked you up and cuddled you then she told the people you could do agility. That's all she remembers. Strange... but it was definitely you in the dream!


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